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64 reviews
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5on Amazon, Jun 08, 2018
Great way to get a boost of energy when you’re ...
Great way to get a boost of energy when you’re on the go. Keep a pack in my car and in my desk at work. The flavors are great!
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5on Amazon, May 23, 2018
Five Stars
Taste great!
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5on Amazon, May 06, 2018
ADHD alternative
My 4yr old is ADHD, instead of different medications Dr. suggested caffeine. We're originally doing MT Dew but he got tired of it. These are easy to give accurate dosage at
approx 10mg a bear it works great. more »
5on Amazon, May 05, 2018
Five Stars
My college son uses them to study. Says it helps and has no after taste.
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5on Amazon, Apr 29, 2018
Five Stars
I love these. It tastes like candy but It didn't work for me.
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4on Amazon, Apr 28, 2018
Surprised... It works, works well!
I have not had these, bought them for the wife.. she seems to like them, say that they give her a great boost. Better than the coffee, and definitely better fo
r her than the energy drinks. She is not crazy about the flavor, but they work for her😋 more »
5on Amazon, Apr 19, 2018
Five Stars
Good tasting, pretty clean ingredient list, can feel the caffeine jolt. I like.
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5on RemedyPoint, Apr 18, 2018
Awesome and innovative. more »
5on Amazon, Apr 18, 2018
These gummies taste so good. I always need an energy boost around 3pm ...
These gummies taste so good. I always need an energy boost around 3pm and I pop 4-5 of these gummies and get an instant
energy without drinking coffee. I work with my hands and I often try to avoid coffee because it gives me the shakes. I never experience the shaky hands when i take the gummies. Definitely worth every penny. more »
5on RemedyPoint, Apr 13, 2018
Amazing product and delivery! congratulations! more »
5on RemedyPoint, Apr 12, 2018
Bought a box of these and a few days later had a neighborhood BBQ. Mistakenly left them on my kitchen counter. Gone! Friends and family loved them and we partied late. Got my own stash hidden now but I share as much as I can. more »
5on RemedyPoint, Apr 04, 2018
effective in natural way more »
5on RemedyPoint, Apr 03, 2018
These things WORK!! Became an absolute necessity in my life with my hectic schedule.. especially after feeling the negative affects of several years of consuming sodas & energy drinks. Needed something “better” & Punch’d doesn’t get ant better than better!! It’s the BEST!! Tried & true test was driving to and from the mountains on a 7 hour car ride.. every time I felt sleepy, I just opened up a bag and 8 tasty gummies woke me right up and took all the cloudiness away in an instant! more »
5on RemedyPoint, Apr 01, 2018
It's no contest! All Natural vs all the other garbage out there. more »
5on RemedyPoint, Mar 28, 2018
Your product delivers portable energy as and when needed. It's my go to for pre workout and boring meetings at work as my "keep awake" secret! I also find that it helps alleviate headaches if you catch them as they are forming. Just a couple of Punch'd Energy will stop it deae in it's track! Our extended family are big fans! more »
5on RemedyPoint, Mar 23, 2018
Punch'd Energy Gummies help me with my headaches. I normally take Excedrin but I am pregnant now and the Doctors won't let me take Excedrin. I take Tylenol with Punch'd Energy in moderation and it helps the headaches. Coffee doesn't do the job either, maybe the Punch'd Gummies work better because they are chewed and dissolve in my mouth, which is closer to my headache than going all the way down through my stomach and my digestive system. These tasty little fruity caffeine bears work better on headaches and migraines than anything else I've tried. more »
5on RemedyPoint, Mar 23, 2018
I don't care for RedBull. This product is better and doesn't have the bad taste. more »
5on RemedyPoint, Mar 15, 2018
Love the product! more »
5on RemedyPoint, Mar 07, 2018
Nothing better than a tasty gummie with a purpose.
Did you just yawn? Gummie Gummie, All better.
Waiting for a full can of chalky fluid to digest to get moving? Gummie Gummie, See Yup!!r />Eyes heavy in this meeting? Gummie Gummie, Like a Boss.
Half way through a run? Gummie Gummie, Peow!!
Gummie Gummie is so much quicker and tastier than Slurp Slurp.
Chew your energy Mother Fathers!!!
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5on Facebook, Mar 04, 2018
Love the all natural energy snack... so convenient too! more »
5on RemedyPoint, Mar 04, 2018
Taste great and really really work. more »
5on RemedyPoint, Mar 03, 2018
This is the future! When I first heard about these super gummies that's exactly what I thought. These gummies are a super powerful functional fruit snack that I can take with me where ever I go. Wow. That's all I can say, I'm so glad these were invented. more »
5on RemedyPoint, Mar 03, 2018
Punch'd gummies are my prime go to for pre workout. All day in a closed office is stressful and often tedious. I hit the gym late PM and all they have left is burnt coffee for a pick me up. Punch'd is my lifesaver and gets me up and primed for my workout! more »
5on Facebook, Feb 28, 2018
Love them!! Perfect for traveling! And what I love most is that they’re all natural. 👏🏻👏🏻♥️ more »
5on Amazon, Feb 28, 2018
Improved taste compared to previous version
I really like the new taste, it is not bitter like the old version of this product. It is very convenient to carry around, especially when working out
or running. The new presentation is also nicer. more »
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Punch’d Natural Energy Caffeine Gummies are an all natural product made from green coffee beans and they fit into any lifestyle.


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Nutritional Supplements


Punch’d has real ingredients that you can read. Natural & Organic ingredients. No weird stuff. No artificial anything. No sugar alcohols. No saccharin or aspartame. No high fructose corn syrup. No partially hydrogenated oils. Gluten free. Cruelty free. Free from irradiation. Fat free. Dairy free. Soy free. Allergen free. Worry free.

You don’t want that energy drink from the gas station or a pink and blue frappucinno from Starbucks when you’re in a slog. Energy drinks, energy shots and sodas are loaded with sugar and other ingredients we can’t pronounce.

Temporary sugar energy and those sugar spikes lead to shakes and crashes and then long-lasting negative health.
Punch’d Gummies are low cal, low carb, low sugar, low glycemic, and they work really well really fast because you chew your energy. Superfruity taste and maximum boost. Six assorted super fruits: Apple, Grape, Lime, Orange, Passionfruit & Peach!

Punch’d Natural Energy Caffeine Gummies are an all natural product made from green coffee beans and they fit into any lifestyle.

100% ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC Ingredients. POWERFUL Green Coffee Bean Caffeine. The Ultimate GRAB 'N GO Rejuvenation product. Personalize Your POWER and your individual caffeine needs one gummy bear at a time.

FASTEST BOOST in the marketplace. QUICK BURST because you Chew Your Energy, not swallow it. Six Assorted real superfruit gummies: Apple, Grape, Lime, Orange, Passionfruit, Peach.

NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING! We don't use synthetic caffeine like everyone else. No Artificial Sweeteners. No Artificial Colors or Flavors. No HFCS, No Sugar Alcohols, No -tols, No Sucralose, No Taurine, No Sodium, No Junk, No Bull.


Low Sugar, LOW GLYCEMIC, Low Calorie, LOW CARB Healthy & Fit alternative to energy drinks, energy shots, and sodas.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you're not completely in love with PEGs or have any issue at all, please let us know and we will issue a full refund. Once you try 'em, you're gonna love 'em! We appreciate your business.
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