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5on Google, Feb 22, 2018
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5on Facebook, Feb 21, 2018
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5on RemedyPoint, Feb 21, 2018
Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. The office staff knows exactly what they're doing. Dr. Machado is an excellent Surgeon, without exception! more »
5on Google, Feb 21, 2018
I have been a patient of Dr. Machado's for over a year and I repeatedly recommend her to anyone looking for a bariatric surgeon. She is one of the best providers I've had the pleasure of having care for me and I am so very thankful I chose to have her do my surgery. more »
5on Google, Feb 17, 2018
Dr. Machado is the best in her field. She's very kind and thorough. I couldn't be happier, she went beyond her normal gastric bypass surgery with me. She repaired a hernia and removed two masses. Her staff is very helpful and professional. more »
5on Facebook, Feb 16, 2018
Dr. Machado is the best in her field, she came highly recommended to me by two of my friends. She's very thorough and went beyond just my gastric bypass, she fixed a hernia and removed two masses. I couldn't be more grateful for her being my Surgeon and Doctor. Her staff is very professional and helpful. more »
5on RemedyPoint, Feb 16, 2018
Dr. Machado is the best, she's very thorough and caring. She's the best Doctor in her field, I would highly recommend her to anyone considering having the bariatric surgery. She performed the same surgery on two on my friends and they rave about her ten years after their surgery. So, I know I'm in good hands. Her staff is very kind and supporting. I couldn't be happier with her being my Doctor and surgeon.

Lisa Ross
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5on Google, Jan 31, 2018
Dr Machado and all of her associates were wonderful. more »
5on Google, Dec 27, 2017
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5on Facebook, Oct 28, 2017
Gastric bypass awesome, Dr. Machado is wonderful, thank you for making my life now a new and awesome JOURNEY. Hiking has become my new friend, venturing out into other activities. 5 years come December thank you Dr Machado more »
5on Facebook, Sep 29, 2017
This whole procedure has changed and saved my life. Dr.Machado is the best !!! more »
5on Facebook, Sep 16, 2017
I was lap banded Dec 2014. Had some ups and downs. I just went back in after not being seen for 1 1/2 yrs. Dr M and staff were highly supportive. She gave me a restart program on Wednesday and today(sat) I am down 14 pounds. I know some might be water weight but I am on water pills for other health issues. The products they carry work great. ����� more »
5on Facebook, Aug 28, 2017
Dr Machado is my hero and surgical artist! Well, here I sit one week out of gastric bypass surgery and I'm totally amazed! I have had no pain of any kind other than the IV setup which was nothing but when they came in to remove the catheter (which I have never had the displeasure of ever having one) the nurse came in and pulled it out (just like is supposed to) like she was trying to pull start a chain saw OOOUCH! again short lived pain. I stopped all paint meds of any kind last Thursday as I saw no need for them. I've been walking and worked into my liquid diet tracking everything on an Excel spread sheet without any hunger or craving issues of any kind and I'm loosing about 1.5lbs a day. I had no idea it was going to turn out this well!
Dr Machado, you're the BEST!
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5on Facebook, Aug 28, 2017
I went to a few orientations with different surgeons and I knew Dr. Mashado was the surgeon for me and I couldn't be happier. She is wonderfully supportive but has a great, no nonsense attitude. She told me the secret to success AFTER surgery was to follow her guidelines to a T. I have and do and have been hugely successful. I've lost 165lbs, with a surgery date of 6/6/16.
I'm living life to the fullest and couldn't be happier!
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5on Facebook, Aug 10, 2017
Extremely friendly surgeon and staff. Very thorough. more »
5on Google, Jun 27, 2017
Dr. Machado is absolutely amazing! She has a wonderful bedside manner and is super straightforward. The best part is she explains everything and takes pride in her process. My husband couldn't get over how thorough she was with him after my surgery. I was sleeved on 6/20 with a sizeable hiatal hernia repair and will be going home today. more »
5on Facebook, Jun 24, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jun 24, 2017
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5on Google, Apr 28, 2017
Dr. Machado and her team are the best of the best!
San Juan Mercy Hospital and their entire team did an amazing job and took such good care of me. After my surgery I had a private room and was a
ble to get some much needed rest. They made sure I was comfortable. Dr. Machado entire process leading up to the surgery is so thorough. I knew exactly what to expect and what to do when I arrived home. This was a very important decision for me, and I truly feel Dr. Machado and her team has given me back my life. Each day is getting better and better. Thank you to this amazing team and especially thank you to Dr. Machado, she really cares for her patients. more »
5on Google, Feb 26, 2017
Fantastic doctor. Thorough. Great bedside manner. Excellent results. Removed my improperly inserted lapband and repaired damage done.
Again, she is a true life saver.
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5on Facebook, Feb 10, 2017
I met Dr. Machado 12 or so years ago when my husband at the time needed GB, we'd been with Kaiser and had totally been turned off by the way they treated us, it was horrible. When we met Doctor Machado we loved her, she treated us like humans, Kaiser didn't do that, they treated us like fat people and acted discusted by us individually and in the large group meetings that had been required, when we met her she was so amazing, I cried and we decided I could also consider having surgery... I did 10 years and 4 months ago, I was 330, got as low as 165, I'm 5'11 if not 6 foot tall and I am more happy at 200 to 210 which is where I am now. I love Doctor Machado and tell everyone that asks to change insurance so they can have the best surgeon for their surgery. more »
5on Google, Jan 26, 2017
Dr Machado is the best. I had my surgery 8 years ago and she did a perfect job. I can't say enough good about her and her center. more »
5on Google, Jan 26, 2017
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5on Facebook, Aug 09, 2016
The Whole Staff is wonderful, So Far a great experience!! more »
5on Facebook, Jun 30, 2016
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5769 Greenback Ln, Sacramento, CA 95841
Bariatric Surgery


CoolSculpting is a noninvasive treatment that helps remove unwanted body fat. This procedure is for men and women who want to treat stubborn pockets of fat that don't respond to diet and exercise. In addition to CoolSculpting, we also offer a range of surgical procedures including Gastric Bypass (or Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass), Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band, and Revisional Bariatric Surgery.more »

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